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Alrosa finds 34 ct yellow diamond


Russian miner Alrosa’s Almazy Anabara has extracted a large, 34.17 ct yellow diamond at its Ebelyakh alluvial deposit in the distant region of Yakutia

The stone measures 20.17 by 19.65 by 15.1 mm and is a transparent intense yellow crystal with a small inclusion in the intermediate zone.

 “The company's specialists are still to study the stone more in detail, but we can say in advance that it is fancy vivid yellow, which is very rare and highly valued. The stone will become a worthy addition to our collection of large rare-coloured diamonds that we are forming and will bring to the market," the director of the United Selling Organisation Alrosa, Evgeny Agureev, commented on Friday.

Almazy Anabara is traditionally the leader in the number of fancy-coloured stones. Earlier this year, Almazy Anabara also extracted a unique 27.85-ct pure pink diamond - the largest pink stone in Alrosa’s history.